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Subscription Packages & Services Included

Visits Per Year 36 54 63
Lawn Mowing Service
Power Edging Turf Edges
Spring Clean Up
Bed Maintenance
Leaf Removals & Clean Up
Winter Site Checks & Clean Ups
Turf Fertilization Treatments
Aeration & Seeding
Tree & Shrub Fertilization
Tree & Shrub Disease & Insect Monitoring
Lawn Fungal Monitoring & Treatment
Custom Pruning Plan ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Mulch Application & Bed Defining ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON

Service Details


Lawn Mowing Service

Your lawn will be serviced by our trained lawn mowing experts. Our teams are experienced in cutting all types of grass at the correct height, rotation of patterns and weather conditions. Our team will use a professional line trimmer to trim your grass to the proper level along hardscape structures, fences, mailboxes, etc... (click dots to expand)

Once mowing and trimming is complete, our team uses professional grade leaf blowers to blow off all hard surfaces (street, driveways, walkways, parking lot, accessible decks and patios) to make sure that all grass clippings and debris are removed from these areas.

Our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art professional grade lawn mowing equipment. Equipment is serviced on a daily basis to ensure that your lawn is mowed with sharp blades and height adjustments are made at each property so you receive the best cut for your grass type. All team members are trained on operating our equipment properly & safely, which gives you piece of mind when it comes to the safety of people on your property.

Your lawn mowing services will typically begin around April 1st and continue into November.


Power Edging Turf Edges

Your turf will be straightline edged to give your landscape clean, manicured turf edges along driveways, parking lot curbs, walkways, etc. Power edging is one of the secrets to maintaining clean lines and boosting curb appeal, and we're passionate about it!... (click dots to expand)

Power Edging starts during your first mowing visit and continues as needed throughout the mowing season (typically every other mowing visit).


Spring Clean Up

Deep debris cleanout of all beds and turf to prepare your landscape for the spring surge of new growth. Our team uses professional grade backpack blowers to clean all landscaping beds and turf. Debris is removed from from site.

Spring Cleanup is completed in March or early April.


Bed Maintenance

Weed free landscaping beds and pavement is an essential complement to your entire property's landscape and curb appeal. During each service visit, our team will monitor and remove or spray any weeds in your landscape beds, this includes those little weeds growing in between your shrubs and flowers... (click dots to expand)

Service includes hand weeding, post emergent applications and landscaping bed pre-emergent applications.

Bed Maintenance starts in March and continues through the fall.


Leaf Removals & Clean Up

Our team will visit your property regularly throughout the fall and early winter months fully equipped to take care of your leaves. Our leaf removal service ensures that all of the leaves are off your turf, landscaping & pavement on a regular basis... (click dots to expand)

In municipalities where there's a scheduled leaf pickup, we will synchronize our scheduled visits to ensure your leaves are all at the curb for the vacuum truck. In municipalities where there is not a pickup, our team will collect the leaves or move them into a natural area that you identify.

Leaf Removals start in October and continue into January.


Winter Site Checks & Clean Ups

When your grass is finished growing for the season that doesn't mean your landscape and grounds don't need maintained! During the winter months our team makes regular visits to your property to ensure that your hard surfaces are free of debris, perform bed maintenance and to make sure that your leaves are cleaned up off your lawn... (click dots to expand)

While visiting, our team will also cut back any dormant growth on herbaceous perennials as needed.

This service ensures your property is looking well maintained all year long and also protects your grass from getting smothered as it is trying to develop new growth in the early spring.

Winter Site Checks start in January and continue into March.


Turf Fertilization Treatments

Our team of agronomic professionals provide the proper type and amount of organic fertilization and weed control to your turf at the correct time of year. This is a critical component to the overall health and development of your turf... (click dots to expand)

Unlike other fertilizing companies, we are on your property almost weekly year round, so we can spot and respond to turf health issues very quickly.

We apply organic fertilizer and weed control in seven rounds, year round, to promote the health of your lawn.

  • Early Spring - Organic fertilization and pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Spring - Broadleaf weed control
  • Spring - Organic fertilization and grubworm control
  • Summer - Broadleaf weed control & lawn evaluation
  • Summer - Broadleaf weed control & lawn evaluation
  • Early Fall - Organic fertilization and broadleaf weed control
  • Winterization - Organic fertilizer that promotes root development and rapid green-up in the spring

Environmentally Responsible: we give you the beautiful lawn you want with the product impact caution our clients and our fragile environment demand.


Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and overseeding is an annual service that is critical to establishing and maintaining beautiful, thick, weed-free turf. Our double core aeration process enhances oxygen levels within the soil and improves overall root development... (click dots to expand)

Our process also increases plant population levels to permit better penetration of moisture and nutrients and relieves compaction. Cores are left on the turf to help break down the thatch layer and loosen compacted soil, which encourages deeper, healthier roots. On the same visit as the core aeration, our team with apply a top quality native bluegrass fescue seed blend along with a starter fertilizer to boost the germination of the new seed. Irrigation head marking is included in our aeration and seeding service.

Aeration & Seeding is performed during the month of September, into early October. A second, spring aeration & seeding is available as an add-on.


Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Our team will treat your trees and shrubs with our comprehensive fertilizer and proactive insect control program. Similar to your turf grass, your small trees and shrubs benefit regular applications of minerals and nutrients, which promote healthy growth and vitality... (click dots to expand)

Our tree and shrub fertilization service will help your plants thrive while protecting them from common insects!

  • Early Spring - Dormant Oil Spray. Targets scale and overwintering insects on all applicable trees and shrubs.
  • Early Spring - Deep Root Feeding. Provides long term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Mid Spring - Insect Spray. Targets problem insects.
  • Summer - Insect Spray. Targets problem insects.
  • Late Fall - Deep Root Feeding. Provides long term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization treatments are timed and targeted to address common problems caused by harmful insects.


Tree & Shrub Disease & Insect Monitoring

Our Tree & Shrub Fertilization program covers most situations, sometimes the not so common invasive insect moves into your landscape. The last thing you want to have happen is the loss of a valuable tree or bed of shrubs due to an insect problem you didn't even know about... (click dots to expand)

With our team monitoring your small trees and shrubs throughout your landscape, you will be alerted of a developing insect problem. Depending on the scale and type of infestation, we will create a treatment plan to review with you. Once we get your approval we will immediately proceed in remedying your horticultural insect problem.

Tree & Shrub Disease Monitoring is performed March through early November.


Lawn Fungal Monitoring & Treatment

Brown patch, dollar spot and spring red thread can damage a beautiful lawn quickly. Warm weather and humidity feed the development of fungus, which our region has plenty of... (click dots to expand)

If turfgrass fungus is left untreated, it can spread throughout your grass and kill your entire lawn.

Our team will monitor the health of your lawn throughout the year and will apply preventative fungicide applications in the spring and fall.


Custom Pruning Plan

Your landscaping plants are a significant investment and also a key element to the natural beauty and design of any maintained property. Our custom pruning plan will ensure that your ornamentals, shrubs and small trees are in shape all months of the year... (click dots to expand)

Our team will perform professional pruning, completed at the right time of year, and aligned with the best practices in horticulture. When you request the custom pruning plan, we will perform an on-site evaluation to create an annual pruning plan and estimate based on your property's unique plants.

Once approved, we will simply add the pruning package to your current monthly Land Care subscription amount.


Mulch Application & Bed Defining

A fresh application of mulch applied to your bed areas is one of the best ways to enhance your property's appearance and maintain a healthy landscape... (click dots to expand)

Our team applies certified, high quality hardwood mulch products to give you the best end product and season long results.

To learn more about our annual mulch applications and the other exclusive enhancement services we offer our land care subscription clients, click here.

Our Approximate Pricing, Monthly.

*There is no guarantee that your pricing will be exactly as listed in the illustration below.

2,750 Sq. Ft. Lawn (1/4 acre lot +/-) $207 $257 $327
5,500 Sq. Ft. Lawn (1/2 acre lot +/-) $237 $307 $377
8,000 Sq. Ft. Lawn (3/4 acre lot +/-) $277 $367 $437
11,000 Sq. Ft. Lawn (1 acre lot +/-) $397 $517 $587
16,000 Sq. Ft. Lawn (1 acre +) $517 $667 $757

All properties are unique, just like our clients. When you request a proposal, we will provide you with exact monthly pricing for your property, these are average figures based on our decades in business. A custom proposal will be emailed to you based on exact square footage of turf, landscaping beds, maturity of your trees, etc., with no obligation on your part.

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